Thermapen One

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The best instant read thermometer

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Thermapen thermometers are a barbecue essential. Knowing the internal temperature of your meat is the key to knowing whether it is cooked just right – and the Thermapen Professional is the best way to check it.

The Thermapen One has a folding probe that you use to check the internal temperature of meat, fish, even liquids – it gives a near instant, very accurate temperature on its digital screen. Not sure whether the steak is raw, rare, or risking being overcooked? Worry not longer, just probe with the Thermapen and you’ll have an immediate and definitive answer away.

It is no exaggeration to say we use our Thermapens all the time and they have changed the way we cook, both with a barbecue and *whispers* indoors.

The Thermapen One has an automatic backlight (it switches on when the light level is low – no more using your phone’s torch to read the thermometer when cooking at night); a gravity sensor which rotates the figures on the display so they are always the right way up, no matter which way you hold it; and a motion sensor to automatically wake from sleep when you pick up.

The Thermapen One runs on 1x AAA batteries (included) and comes with instructions, a certificate of calibration, and a guide to getting the most out of the thermometer.