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Who we are

Our first love is barbecue food, and our second love is teaching people how to cook it. An interest in the food led to an interest in which kit cooks it best, and that led us here: to a small selection of what we think is the best kit around.

There is a lot of second rate barbceue equipment about, that only lasts a season, or performs badly. You won’t find any of that in our shop. We have extensively used everything we sell; and we only sell equipment we really rate, sourced from manufacturers who we know stand behind their products.

Where we are

We are based in Peckham, South East London. One of the ways we keep our pricing so keen is by not having a showroom; we only have a warehouse. You are still welcome to come and see any barbecue you are interested in, we just ask you to phone or email to make an appointment – then we can make sure someone is there to let you in, and that we have the right barbecue there (some stock is kept elsewhere).

What else we do

Our sister business is London Barbecue School. The clue is in the name. Want to know how to get our absolute best prices on the barbecue equipment we sell? Take a class at the school – we offer special discounts only for people who have been to the school.

When we aren’t dealing with your orders or helping people max out their barbecue skills, you’ll find us in the garden, waiting for the food to come off the grill.

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