Price Matching

Where possible we try to match other retailers' prices. If you find an item you want for a lower price elsewhere just email us with details of the item and where you have found it for sale at a lower price. We will check the details and confirm as soon as possible whether we can match the price.

These are the conditions:

  • We can only match like-for-like prices (for example, the same model with the same specification)
  • Price match is on the total cost of the order (for example, if shipping would be required, item price plus shipping cost)
  • We can only match the price of items that other retailers have in stock
  • We can not combine special offers (for example, London Barbecue School client discount) with price-matching
  • We do not guarantee to match prices; price matching is discretionary and there may be occasions when we are not able to match prices


Shipping times

Our warehouse is closed for our annual break until 28th October. Some items will be dispatched in the usual timeframes, but dispatch of some will be delayed until it reopens. If your order is time sensitive please contact us to check delivery timeframe before placing your order.

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