Alderline Lumpwood Charcoal 50l

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High quality hardwood charcoal

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Alderline is a sustainably-produced, very high-fixed carbon, big chunk lumpwood charcoal. What does that mean? In short: it’s great to cook with. Available in 30l and 50l bags.

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And in a little more detail: the trees used to make Alderline (white alder) are carefully farmed, so using this charcoal won’t contribute to deforestation. And it is very pure indeed. It is also very consistently made and graded, with bags made up of almost entirely decent-sized chunks and almost no dust.

The high purity means this charcoal lights extremely easily, and burns clean with almost no smoke and minimal ash. We find that makes it perfect for ceramic barbecues in particular, but great in any barbecue with a lid. And the chunk size means we never need to worry about good airflow through the fire.

Little-known fact: the purer the charcoal is, the less dense it is. This charcoal is sold by volume instead of weight, in 50l bags. The actual weight of a 50l bag bag is around 7.5kg, but the amount of charcoal you are getting is equivalent to most brands’ 12-15kg bags. The reason it is sold by volume: if they said it was a 7.5kg bag, you’d think you were getting half the amount…