Soapstone for Joe Junior

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Great for a variety of foods, including fish, meats, and vegetables, the Joe Jr™ Soapstone cooking surface is anti-bacterial and stain-resistant so you never have to worry about cross-contamination or messy cleanup. The thick Canadian soapstone slab distributes heat evenly and keeps juices inside the meat for a flavor-packed meal.

  • Inhibits flare-ups, meaning less burnt meat
  • Non-porous surface allows you to grill tender or delicate food without it sticking to the surface
  • Fits the Joe Junior™

Shipping information

Due to the fragile nature of this product we are not able to ship by courier. The Soapstone for Joe Junior can be collected in person from our warehouse in Peckham (contact us to arrange time, we aren’t open to the general publicw without an appointment) and can be bought online as part of our Joe Junior Mega Bundle.