Pizza stone for Kamado Joe Classic Joe

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Pizza stone for Kamado Joe

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Bake authentic, wood-fired, pizzeria-quality pizzas on your Kamado Joe with the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone. This high-impact ceramic stone distributes heat and absorbs excess moisture for a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy crust.

The pizza stone is also suitable for baking bread.

Caring for your Pizza Stone is easy, though keep a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your Pizza Stone will darken with use, this is normal.
  • Your Pizza Stone is ready to use.
  • You should not season it with olive oil or other cooking oils.
  • The Kamado Joe Heat Deflector must be used with the Pizza Stone to avoid burning the pizza.
  • Cleaning solutions should not be used because they are absorbed into the stone. If you have drippings that have charred, simply brush off as much as possible with a wire BBQ brush and store in a dry place.