Kamado Joe Joetisserie for Classic Joe

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Joetiserie – the rotisserie for Kamado Joe Classic Joe

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The Joetisserie is the accessory that transforms the Classic Joe into a all-firing rotisserie. This spit-roaster makes for fast cooking with flame-grilled taste and excellent juiciness as the meat self-bastes as it rotates.

This model of Joetisserie fits the Classic Joe (and also the Big Green Egg in a large size) and is wedge-shaped, so that the lid can be closed around it for heat-retention and the Classic Joe’s normal, perfect fire-control.

With a motor torque rating of 22kg, you’ll have no problem poultry and even large cuts like prime ribs and pork butts on the spit (though, like all spits, it is important to centre the meat’s mass around the axle).

Included are:

  • Cast iron ring
  • 230v motor with UK plug

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