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An autopilot for your Kamado Joe Grill

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This hotly-awaited device is a remote-controlled autopilot for your Kamado Joe, allowing you to monitor and control the barbecue remotely, and keep an eye on your meat temperature at the same time.

The iKamand fits to the lower vent of the barbecue, and controls airflow to the fire. Use it to turbocharge the iginition of the grill (it has a high-power mode to help you get up to temperature quickly), then to control the grill temperature. Use the meat probe (1 supplied, expandable to 3 probes) to monitor the progress of your meat’s cooking.

It is easy to set up: download the free iKamand app (in the Apple App store and Google Play store), link to the iKammand and connect it to your home wifi. The app includes recipes, with temperature settings already programmed into the software.

Good to know:

  • Comes in carry case.
  • Includes: mains adapter (UK plug); 1x meat temperature probe (iKamand is expandable to use up to 3 probes simultaneously); grill temperature sensor; vent adapter (choose to fit either Classic Joe or Big Joe); closure cap (to extinguish the barbecue).
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi Networks (not compatible with 5GHz networks).
  • Requires iOS or Android app, and for you to create a free account using the app.
  • Should not be exposed to severe rain.
  • Should be removed from the barbecue when you finish cooking; extinguish the barbecue using the closure cap.