ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

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The easy way to cold smoke

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The ProQ® Cold Smoke Generator is a great device that makes cold smoking easy and affordable. It adds a wonderful smoky flavour to foods such as fish, bacon, hams, eggs, cheeses, beef, venison, salami, butter, salt and nuts. Just fill it with smoking wood dust, place it in a container (of 30 to 150 litres) and it will produce clean, cool smoke for up to 10 hours.

Key features:

  • Comes with enough wood dust for your first 10 hour smoke (buy more dust here)
  • Easy to use
  • Produces clean, cool smoke for up to 10 hours
  • Will work in most existing BBQ’s, smokers, in fact just about any container
  • The most cost effective cold smoking method, 100g of wood dust smokes for up to 10 hrs
  • Made from high grade Stainless Steel
  • 150 x 180 x 40mm
  • Weighs just 250g

You can use the Cold Smoke Generator inside most barbecues (provided they have a lid), or any suitable container such as an old metal filing cabinet or fridge. We also stock the excellent ProQ® Eco Smoker – the ideal container for your Cold Smoke Generator.

Please be aware, that although the unit is a cold smoke generator, it does have a small area of very hot smoldering dust, so bear this in mind when choosing a container. Traditionally, food was smoked to aid in the curing process (this was before we had refrigerators) nowadays smoke is predominantly used to add flavour. Some cold smoked products can be eaten without having to be cooked, whilst others, such as bacon, will need to be cooked prior to consumption.